Business Summary

The prime focus of Insignia Strategies, LLC is to help companies obtain the greatest value for their pharmaceutical portfolios. Our seasoned team of industry experts can help maximize your products and pipeline. The team and individuals bring real life experience to the table and cover all aspects of product strategy, acquisition, development, regulatory approval, manufacturing, commercialization, including managed market contracting, medical education, and more. Our experts can also help evaluate product acquisitions and divestments. The experience spans almost all therapeutic areas and includes oral solids, injectables, biologics, and devices, in both brand and generic markets.

The Patient Is Waiting

To accomplish these goals, we have assembled executive level experts with experience in commercial strategy, business development, and regulatory strategies for both small and large pharmaceutical companies. Our team includes former executive leadership (CEO, General Manager), as well as heads of commercial functions, business development, and regulatory. In addition, we have established relationships with experienced leaders in other functional areas, such as Legal, whom we can utilize as the need arises.

If you are seeking experienced advisors on your critical assets and decisions or are seeking to create growth or scale your business, we can help.

Experience That Counts